How do you win a case competition?

Come and listen to a lecture by the winning team in KICC in Lund 2013!

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Upcoming activities

  • How do you win a case competition?

    Education Are you curious about case solving? On the 24th of April the winners of KPMG International Case Competition in Lund 2013 will hold an interesting lecture on how to be successful in a case competition. In the lecture they will share their experience and teach you their best case solving tips and tricks. While listening you will get some coffee and snack.
  • PwC Bullride & PwC Running Challenge

    Social Have you ever ridden a mechanical Bull? Do you enjoy free BBQ and drinks? Then you should come to Skånis on Thursday 24th of April, where PwC’s annual Bull Ride Event will take place!
  • Apply for Tokyo IW summer 2014

    Social When you think of Japan, what comes to your mind? Mt, Fuji, tea ceremony, sushi… We have many unique things!! Here in Japan, we have so unique but wonderful cultures, food, and people. You may feel that they are crazy, but you must miss them after the awesome 2 weeks. Are you ready for being crazy about Japan?

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