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Old exams available for download!

We work constantly to offer all the previous exams to help our students during their studies. You can find all the exams here, completely free!
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Upcoming activities

  • Apply for International Week in Cologne

    [tid] Want to experience german culture, visit the unique Cologne Carnival? Apply for Cologne International Week now!
  • Welcome Week – Second part of the Novice Period

    Ekonomicentrum, Tunavägen 37
    [tid] The Novice Period continues! Following the escapades of the Novice Week will be Welcome Week. You will all get a chance to widen your social circle even further by reuniting with friends and combatants from Novice Week as well as completely new faces - all groups will be completely new constellations. The events of Welcome Week as shown below are for all the new students at Lund University School of Economics and Management, obviously including all international students.
  • The Novice Party Autumn 2015

    The Great Hall, AF borgen
    [tid] Do you want to end the Novice period in the best possible way? Make sure you attend the magnificent Novice Party on September 18th in AF-borgen.

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